2016 Bucket List

Lyssa’s 2016 Bucket List:

  1. Completed: Learn yoyo tricks
  2. CompletedTry on wedding dresses
  3. CompletedTry botox to see how it feels
  4. FAILED: Fly in a helicopter
  5. Completed: Fly first class
  6. Completed: Go to the Land of Oz
  7. FAILED: Walk through Embassy row in DC
  8. Completed: Greet people more instead of looking down or away
  9. Completed: Go to Iowa/Minnesota/mid-West state fair
  10. FAILED: Learn how to become a metro driver
  11. Completed: Go to Baltimore kinetic sculpture race
  12. Completed: Attend DC Pride
  13. Completed: Eat a meatball sub
  14. Completed: Eat at Ollie’s Trolley
  15. Completed: Eat cheese fondue
  16. Completed: Learn how to skateboard
  17. Completed: Eat at a Hooters restaurant
  18. Completed: Go to a drive-in movie theater
  19. Completed: Volunteer for Make-a-Wish Foundation
  20. Completing: Incorporate meditation into my life
  21. Completing: Find an activity to do during my commute (or get paid while driving)
  22. Completed: Go to a palm reader
  23. Completed: Go to the Manassas rest station
  24. Completed: Get fake nails for the first time
  25. Completed: Reduce waste, continue to clean our street, basically help the environment
  26. Completed: Buy all things online (do not go into stores, except grocery and drug stores)
  27. FAILED: Skydive with my dad if he adds it to his bucket list
  28. Completed: Go to Nellie’s in DC
  29. Completed: Read and execute every position in the Kama Sutra book
  30. Completed: Go to a networking event and force myself to mingle and engage in wretched small talk
  31. Completed: Go to RFK’s old house in Mclean
  32. Completed: Crush grapes with my feet
  33. Completed: Learn how to start a fire and/or basic survival skills
  34. Completed: Do meal prep for the week on Sundays
  35. FAILED: Attend an Indian wedding
  36. Completed: Paint our hallway
  37. Completed: Take a segway tour in DC
  38. Completed: Spend more time with my sister – do lunches or coffee by ourselves
  39. Completed: Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over since 2013)

Goals for Kris:

  1. Do not watch football one Sunday
  2. CompletedBe more flexible with plans

Kris’ 2016 Bucket List:

  1. Completed: Learn How to Fence
  2. Completed: Get in an ice/cold tub
  3. Completed: Take tap dancing lessons
  4. Completed: Use DC’s bike share
  5. Completed: Take a test to see what my ancestry is
  6. Completed: Go to a drive-in movie theater
  7. Completed: Go to a wrestling super signing
  8. Completed: Travel first class on a plane
  9. Eat a different type of chip every month
  10. Completed: Wear an Ascot tie with an outfit
  11. Completed: Watch the first season of Queer as Folk
  12. Take a Duck Tour of DC
  13. Completed: Make my own rap song
  14. Completed: Have a song on iTunes
  15. Completed: Make music
  16. Completed: Dye my facial hair
  17. Failed: Become a Civil War reenactor
  18. Completed: See a show at The Birchmere
  19. Stay a couple of days in a house in Green Bay
  20. Failed: Undergo a surgery I’ve wanted to get for a while (more info to come)
  21. Completed: Complete a juice cleanse for a day
  22. Completed: Attend a Mini Cooper gathering
  23. Completed: Take a sample Wonderlic test
  24. Failed: “race” every month
  25. Completed: Kayfabe only for a week
  26. Completed: Attend Wrestlemania
  27. Completed: Meet The Rock
  28. Completed: Give Seinfeld a Shot
  29. Be an even more supportive husband
  30. Visit The Christmas Story house
  31. Go to the Pro football HOF
  32. Completed: Visit the D-Day memorial in Virginia
  33. Completed: See an endocrinologist
  34. Completed: Find a hobby
  35. Go one month with buying groceries. Only can buy fresh fruits and veggies.
  36. Completed: Try Courvoisier and Hennessy
  37. Move out of our house
  38. Completed: Open my own checking account
  39. Failed: Get hair on my head laser removed
  40. Completing: Take cooking classes
  41. Failed: Go out to lunch with just my sister and brother four times a year. No spouses, no kids.
  42. Go out to eat twice a year with both sets of parents and not pay because that shit is always expensive
  43. Get MINI repainted

Goals for Lyssa:

  1. Failed: Skydive
  2. Half completed: Let me pick her hair color and hair cut twice this year

21 thoughts on “2016 Bucket List

  1. Kris- my boyfriend can help you wth the Civil War Reinactment
    Kris & Lyssa- you should walk in the Pride Parade with us, it’s a blast! We rep American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
    Message me on Facebook 😉

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