Go to a Psychic/Palm Reader

Completed: 22. Go to a Psychic/Palm Reader

Waiting to meet with the psychic and preparing to roll my eyes at her mumbo jumbo

I’ve got to keep it real with you. I am a total cynic about all things supernatural. I trust that people have these experiences, so I don’t judge your belief, but I’ve personally never had a spiritual or otherworldly experience, so therefore, I have high doubts.

I got the basic palm reading and Kris, who came with me, opted for a full psychic reading, including tarot cards.

I have to tell you, I was really shaken.


The psychic began with saying that I am a good human. If I meet someone who doesn’t meet my standards, I don’t invest in the relationship. I have a really great energy and people feel it when they’re around me. Also, I will live a long life. She also told me that I’m not generally a lucky person and that I have to make my own luck.

My thoughts: A little vague, but I am truly guided by one thing: goodness. She nailed my standards. I quickly distance myself from others when something is done or said that doesn’t sit well with me. On the luck comment, this is basically my essence. I don’t consider myself unlucky, but I simply have ZERO luck. I never win anything (except for tacos, but that was because Kris was involved and he has a lot of luck). My yearly bucket list is basically a manifestation of a life without luck. I have to plan all of these life experiences and try really hard in order for them to happen to me.  


The psychic told me that my employer, and particularly my department, is going through a period of transition. I might not like some of the changes, but I should stick with it. It will pay off both professionally and financially. She sees me staying at my organization for a while.

She then asked what I did. To which I said, “I’m a communications manager for a nonprofit.” She asked, “With the Government?”

My thoughts: As of Friday, the head of my department retired. There will 100% be upcoming changes that will affect my department. 

Sure, everyone is somehow connected to the government in the DC area, but the relationship we have to the government is a big differentiator for my non-profit. We are 100% congressionally funded.


She tells me that I only have one marriage line, so I’ll only be married once. She asks if I’m married. I tell her yes and the guy who came with me is my husband. She looked me dead in my eyes and said very seriously, “he loves you VERY much.” She goes on to say, “you are very lucky that you found your soul mate.”

My thoughts: She unnerved me with this one because of her usage of “soul mates” and emphasis on Kris’ feelings. For the soul mate bit, I don’t necessarily believe in them, but if anyone in the world is connected to my soul, it’s definitely Kris. Like, I said, I’m not a spiritual person or believe in fate, but it made me feel even more lucky that I found Kris and that I’ve been able to connect with another human in the way that we have and really makes me wonder if we were “meant to be?” As far as her making note of Kris’ love for me, I feel like I’m the only person who knows how much Kris truly loves me and it felt like a stranger had entered my house without being invited when she told me that.

She went on to tell me that a man would enter my life and attempt to get close to me. It might be a man that I used to have a crush on or that had a crush on me in my youth. I shouldn’t go down that path she tells me.

My thoughts: 1. Please let it be Jordan Catalano. 2. I laughed and said, “I’m surrounded pretty much exclusively with gay men.” She said that this individual definitely isn’t gay. I have a hard time believing this one. There’s no grey area with me when it comes to relationships. Being interested or inviting attention from another man is totally uncharacteristic of me.


She tells me that I will have good health, but sees a lot of medical testing.


I recently had an issue present itself that is usually the first symptom of MS. My MRI was clear, but I just made my appointment to get another MRI. Also, the last few years my life has been a series of medical tests for Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease) in an effort to monitor my hormone levels. I am constantly in the doctors office getting blood work. 


She sees 1-3 kids in our lives.

My thoughts: I laughed. 

She asked me if I wanted kids, to which I said, “not really.” She said that she definitely saw one child/twins. The other two could also mean grandchildren.

My thoughts: I laughed harder.

As I mentioned, Kris had a more in-depth psychic reading. He started off equally cynical, but left as unnerved as I did. Unlike my reading, she brought up VERY specific things that have transpired over the last few months between us. Additionally, she brought up a few things that Kris suffers from — insomnia and anxiety. She brought up meditation (HE LITERALLY JUST STARTED LAST WEEK). Randomly, she also said that someone close in his life will have much needed back or knee surgery.

There’s so much more she nailed with Kris, but let’s just say that it was an enlightening experience for both of us and we can’t stop thinking about (and being freaked out by) our readings.






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