Take a Painting Class

"Sippin and Painting" One of the goals Lyssa had for me was to take a painting course.  When Lyssa first told me about this I was scared to death.  I'm serious folks..scared to death.  I hate art.  I can not stand it.  It's probably because I don't understand it, but nonetheless, I hate it. Thank … Continue reading Take a Painting Class


2013 Memorable Moments

There's still a couple more days before we share our 2014 goals with each other. This year has been exceptionally difficult for us to keep quiet until the night of 12/31. In addition to our yearly goals, which made for amazing memories, we did a few other eventful things this year. Here are some of … Continue reading 2013 Memorable Moments

Drink Alone in a Bar One Night

October 29th.  A man, a bar, and alcohol. If you've never experienced drinking alone in a bar, you should really consider it.  When I was younger, I saw a bunch of movies (which I'm sure you all did as well) that had people drinking alone at the bar.  I thought it was so cool.  Alcohol, … Continue reading Drink Alone in a Bar One Night

Some of my Failures for 2013

Goal #1.  Change the name of Stonewall Jackson.   To be fair, I didn't really fail this one.  I created a petition online to start this process but my parents talked me down from this.  They thought it could get me in trouble...blah blah blah. Goal #5. Be in a wrestling ring. My whole life … Continue reading Some of my Failures for 2013

Sing in a Choir

I've been singing my whole life.  Not necessarily well but singing nonetheless.  From elementary school chorus all the way through High School Show Choirs I've been there..singing.  I woke up one day last year and realized I missed singing.  I'm not talking about singing in the shower, I'm talking about singing with a group of … Continue reading Sing in a Choir

Run a 5K

I was physically ready to run the "Run With Santa 5K" in Reston on December 8th, which I signed up to complete with my dad. By the time December 7th came, I had spent the previous four weeks running four times a week, proudly going from barely being able to run a mile to running … Continue reading Run a 5K

Volunteer at a Hospital

I interviewed, got my flu shot, and passed the TB test. I am officially a hospital volunteer -- the front desk greeter, as a matter of fact. Unlike my other volunteering commitments, there are a lot of policies for this one. No surprise, but I've worked in such loosey-goosey work environments for the past decade, … Continue reading Volunteer at a Hospital

No Makeup For Five Days

When we shared our goals last December 31st, I was extremely anxious about one of Kris' challenges for me -- wear no makeup to work for five days. I thought the one day I added as a 2013 goal was bad enough. However, this experiment has been one of the most empowering things I've ever … Continue reading No Makeup For Five Days

Master Photography

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my Nikon. Sooooooo this is a very subjective goal but I've mastered photography to my satisfaction.  This picture isn't an example of my photography but I wanted to show you my hat for my camera 🙂 A couple years back, Lyssa and I bought … Continue reading Master Photography

Addicted to Makeup

UPDATE on #nomakeup: On Monday, I decided to not wear mascara, one of the two makeup products I've never gone to work without. When not worn, it's pretty obvious. Many of my coworkers, who knew about my makeup-free plans, came up to me and asked, "is today the day?!?!" "Nope, I still have concealer on," … Continue reading Addicted to Makeup