Fly First Class

Completed: 5. Fly First Class

Since I am a pauper, I’ve only flown in steerage with fellow, cramped, scurvy-ridden travelers. At least for one time in my life, I wanted to know how it feels to breeze by security, be the first group to board, and get showered with free alcoholic drinks.

On the way back from the Minnesota State Fair, I upgraded my flight to first class.

The following photos were taken in the span of 2.5 hours, during which I had three vodka tonics. Please join me on my journey to drunkenness.

Drink 1

I chugged it before taking off. I hate flying, so that accelerated my beginning pace.

So amazed by my warm towel, I took a picture of it.

Drink 2

I’m starting to look unkempt, introspective.

Between drink 2 and 3, I started documenting my thoughts — an idiotic stream of consciousness memorandum.

Drink 3

Looking very self assured.

Then, I attempted to write this blog while enjoying drink 3. This is what I found in my notes.

“On the way back from the fai, I decided to upgrade my flight. First clas bitches. O had three vodka Toni’s, salad, and a cookie. I’ve never felt so luxurious or so drunk on a plane.”



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