Roasted Red Pepper

This month’s new food completion (#17: Make new food dish a month): roasted red pepper. Hey, it’s new to me! I used this recipe. Easy enough! Just let it cool down before you start to peel. I served it with baby tomatoes, mozzarella, and drizzled balsamic all over it. Simple and delicious. - Lyssa


Visit Luray Caverns

It’s blazin’ in our neck of the woods, so the only acceptable thing to do is go 16 stories underground in a cavern. No, really. In case you haven’t guessed, I completed #24.6: Visit the following places I have never been: Luray Caverns. Don’t worry — the jazz hands will break his fall. Things I … Continue reading Visit Luray Caverns

Learn How to Play Chess

Meet Isaac, the man who helped me complete goal #9: Learn how to play chess. I went for a walk to Dupont Circle to warm up (my office is freezing). I sat on a bench and watched two men play chess. The older man with a bushy, white beard caught my eye. He had just … Continue reading Learn How to Play Chess

A Mid-Year Recap of Our Goals

Instead of writing a blog post about the fact that we are at the mid-year mark and have six months left to complete our 2012 goals, we taped our conversation, as we had a two-hour car ride and time to kill yesterday. The image above of Kris cooking bacon with sunglasses on will make MUCH … Continue reading A Mid-Year Recap of Our Goals