Eat Cheese Fondue

Completed: 15. Eat Cheese Fondue

First attempt: I was all excited to eat fondue with my friends Tali, who has joined me on many goals: Go to a Strip Club, Eat Caviar, Go to Drag Bingo/Nellie’s Sports Bar, and Patrick, known on this blog as my #pizzacake28 partner, at Jack Rose earlier this summer.

Upon my arrival, I hinted at the hostess that I was strictly there for the fondue. Give me all your cheese, I instructed (only in my head). It was then when she told me they only serve fondue in the winter. Womp womp.

So, we stayed for drinks.

Second attempt: A classmate of Kris’ from England, who now lives in Minnesota, invited me to stay at he and his wife’s house while I visited the Minnesota State Fair.

Bryan and Jessie, who follow our blog and knew that eating fondue was on my list, offered to make a whole fondue spread for me on my first night in Minnesota. You might be thinking, well, damn, that’s nice! I know! It’s amazing! It gets better because Judy Garland was involved.

Bryan knew that I had gone to the Judy Garland museum earlier that day and as a fan of her music, he played Rufus Wainwright’s cover of Judy Garland’s Carnegie Hall performance. It was a dream evening.

I live in a sad, cheese free house, so this was such a treat.

I was so touched by their thoughtfulness and hospitality.

I want to take a moment to thank all of my friends who help me complete my goals and to my new friends, Bryan and Jessie. Thank you for the fondue, showing me your city, and pretty much being the nicest people I’ve ever met.



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