Go to the Minnesota State Fair

Completed: 9. Go to Iowa/Minnesota/mid-West state fair

Why did I decide on the Minnesota State Fair? It has the largest attendance on a daily basis. I figure that counts for something. You have to go to the most popular state fair if you’re going to go a state fair.

My dad joined me on this bucket list adventure, which was a relief. I needed to have someone to split the fried food with me (the activity at the fair I was most looking to).

On the Friday we attended, there were 141,023 people there. That’s a lot of damn people. This was taken in the morning before the big crowds.

Now, what everyone with a pulse cares about… the food. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Pronto Pup:

French Fries and Fried Green Pepper With Marinara:

NEW THIS YEAR: Strawberry Donut Delight (glazed donuts, whipped cream, and strawberries)

My favorite! The Double Bacon Corn Dog (a bacon wrapped hot dog dipped in batter with bacon):

Corn Fritters with Honey Butter:

Fried Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream:

We missed a lot of food, like the fried mac n cheese bites with bloody Mary marinara, but by afternoon, the lines were too long and the crowds were too big. Here’s a fantastic list of the 47 new foods at the fair that I’m still drooling over. I’m bummed we missed so much, but I’m pretty happy about how much ground I covered.

I was honestly so focused on the food, I wasn’t prepared for to be wowed by anything else, but my goodness, the rest of the fair was fantastic. The animals, both in quality and quantity, were unbelievable. My dad and I stayed in the horse area for at least an hour walking down each row. I’ve never in my life seen horses as large as the ones at the fair. I was stunned. They didn’t look real.


Farm children!

Baby sheep!

And then there was the Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a title awarded to the winner of the statewide Minnesota Dairy Princess Program, an annual competition organized by the Midwest Dairy Association.

“Since 1965, sculptures of the winning Princess Kay and other finalists have been carved, one per day, at the Minnesota State Fair.”
It’s such a weird tradition that is right up my alley.


I had such a great time at the fair with my dad, eating, watching a pregnant cow about to give birth, learning about Minnesota agriculture, and getting a special tour with my friend’s dad, a former agriculture reporter.

But wait! There’s more food (though not at the fair)!

I only planned to go to the fair for one day, and I was free on Saturday, so my generous and kind hosts Bryan and Jessie took me on a tour of the downtown area.

They introduced me to a Jucy Lucy, a cheese-stuffed burger at Matt’s Bar. A burger with a melted core of cheese. Yes, a melted core of cheese!

Look at the cheese running out of the back after I took my first bite.

Also while in Minneapolis, I visited the Mary Tyler Moore statue and Minnehaha Falls.

Then, I did the meanest thing I could ever do to Kris, a Packers fan. I wore a Brett Favre Vikings jersey to US Bank Stadium. I’m so proud of this moment.

Can you tell how much of a great time I had?

Going on a year-long juice cleanse,




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