2012 Highlights

We've had one eventful year! Here's a look back at some of our 2012 highlights -- a few completed goals are in there, but mostly these are just random things we experienced over the past year, from a monster truck show to Jon Hamm buying Kris a drink (yes, that Jon Hamm and yes, that … Continue reading 2012 Highlights


Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thank goodness for Pinterest. Period. Thanks to it, I completed yet another goal -- the last month of making one new recipe every month. I needed another cookie for the annual gift of cookies I give to my in-laws. I wanted a spin on the chocolate chip. And then I found this recipe via Sally's Baking … Continue reading Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Tracking my goals publicly for the last year has made me realize I need to make the language around my goals clearer for years to come. Instead of "do fill-in-the-blank more," I need to quantify it, otherwise it gets murky. For example: Completed, sort of: Kayak on a regular basis I didn't kayak on a … Continue reading Goals That I’ve Kinda, Sorta Completed

Go to Bartending School

Completed: #20: Take a bartender class The Professional Bartending School in Arlington is a serious school for people who want to learn the tips, tricks, and techniques of bartending in order to become paid bartenders. I do not have any desire to go into this profession, so I was excited to see that the school … Continue reading Go to Bartending School

Get chimney cleaned

Today, I completed [or paid someone to complete] the most boring of my goals: #37: Get chimney cleaned. Not much to report other than the name of the business. They came the same day I called and were on time. Can't beat that. Anyway, back to the name... I love a good Mary Poppins reference. … Continue reading Get chimney cleaned

In Case You Were Wondering

Here's my list of uncompleted goals that I strongly doubt will be completed by the end of the year... with commentary: Start playing trombone again > Not for a lack of trying. I inquired about lessons, but the school didn't have any brass teachers. They said they'd call me when they got one. Never happened. I also … Continue reading In Case You Were Wondering

Facebook Diaries

Me on the moon. I have no other pictures to use for this post.A few confessions:I love when people I know, but who I'm not Facebook friends with, forget to make their photo galleries private.I laugh at your misspellings.I text screenshots of your train wreck statuses to my friends who don't even know you. Your … Continue reading Facebook Diaries