Learn to Read Music Again

Kris learns how to read music again, thanks to a handy smartphone app.


Learn About Nutrition of Foods and Herbal Remedies

Completed: 7. Learn About Nutrition of Foods and Herbal Remedies My intention of this goal is pretty simple: I wanted to better understand the nutritional value of the foods that I eat and I wanted to be able to look into my kitchen cabinet and potentially find a cure for an ailment instead of popping a... Continue Reading →

End of Year Update

Join us by our fireplace as we provide an update on the status of our remaining goals. Plus, tequila shots. Our remaining goals: Lyssa: Drive father-in-law’s vintage bug in local Christmas Parade Save a certain amount of money by EOY Be more conscientious when buying stuff. Where is it coming from? Stay local. Use our Nikon camera more... Continue Reading →

Make a Will

Completed: 16. Make a Will  I have property, dogs, and I turned 30 last year, so I figured that I should probably get my shit together and create my first will. If it were left up to Kris, he would stuff me and prop my corpse up on the couch as if I were still living -- another good reason to take care of... Continue Reading →

Have a Signature Dish

Completed: 28. Have a Signature Dish I consider myself a pretty good chef. I love to experiment in the kitchen, but unfortunately, I've never really had a “signature” dish. Well, ladies and gents, that time has passed. I now have an easy, yet powerful, side dish that will bring life to any dull meal. May I present my... Continue Reading →

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