2015 Bucket List


Lyssa’s Goals:

  1. Failed: Tailgate at Lambeau Field in Green Bay during a Packers game
  2. Completed: Go to Pizza Hut and partake in their all you can eat pizza lunch
  3. Completing: Watch every movie on AFI’s top 100 movie list
  4. Completed: Listen to all Wu-Tang Clan albums
  5. Completed: Adopt a road/highway
  6. Completed: Get hair dyed a color I’ve never had – thinking pink
  7. Failed: Experience zero gravity environment
  8. Completed: Go on a mirror fast for a period of time
  9. Completed: Go fishing
  10. Completing: Do not buy any clothes, jewelry, and shoes for the full year
  11. Completed: Milk a cow
  12. Completed: Attend TCM movie fest in LA
  13. Completed: Brew beer
  14. Completed: Go to Spa World
  15. Completed: Attend Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade
  16. Failed: Get more involved in a girls coding organization
  17. Completed: Get nude in front of others and feel comfortable
  18. Completed: Make more eye contact, especially with retail/service industry employees
  19. Completed: Go to a club with kris
  20. CompletedTour the Scientology church in DC
  21. Completed: Eat a new type of food every month
  22. Completed: Take dance classes
  23. Failed: Limit phone use to no more than 30 mins/day
  24. Working on it: Plan an international vacation
  25. Working on it: Practice more patience (and be more aware of my lack of patience) in certain relationships
  26. Completed: Go to a nude beach
  27. CompletedWest Wing tour (carried over from 2011-2014)
  28. Failed: Go to the Judy Garland museum (carried over from 2013-2014)

Lyssa’s goals for Kris:

  1. Failed: Swim (will carry over every year)
  2. Completed: No social media for a period of time (a week? a month?)
  3. Failed: Take a writing class

Kris’ Goals:

  1. Failed: See a game at Yankee Stadium
  2. Completed: Make a custom bobblehead of myself
  3. Failed: See the Harlem Globetrotters
  4. Completed: Get a pair of UGG shoes
  5. Completed: Throw a baseball from the pitchers’ mound
  6. Go to a batting cage and hit
  7. Take a Luxury mini-bus from DC to NYC for $90 each Way – The Royal Sprinter
  8. Go to Captain George’s, favorite buffet, in Williamsburg
  9. Failed: Take a cross-country trip
  10. Teach Lyssa’s mom the DC metro rail
  11. Failed: Play a round of golf with a cigar in my mouth and beer in hand
  12. Failed (but tried): Take a picture of all of the LOVE statues in Virginia
  13. Completed: Shoot a gun
  14. Failed: Get tased
  15. Completed: Eat a fried Oreo
  16. Completed: Attend a spinning class that has a leaderboard
  17. SO CLOSE: Visit to Atlanta (carried over from 2012, 2013 list)
  18. Completed: Volunteer… maybe as a fireman?
  19. Find out my blood type
  20. Look further into acting
  21. Completed: Get a cheesy ’80s style portrait
  22. Completed: Drink an egg
  23. Completed: Test drive a smart car
  24. Completed: Test drive a truck as well as a Chevy, a jeep, Volkswagen, an Audi
  25. Failed: Play in a rugby league
  26. Completed: Attend Crossfit session
  27. Completed: Go tanning
  28. Failed: Finish getting my motorcycle license
  29. Completed: Watch first season of Modern Family
  30. Completed: Go clubbing again
  31. Failed: Ride in a NASCAR/take the experience
  32. Completed: Make a bottle of wine
  33. Completed: Brew beer
  34. Failed: Get project manager certification
  35. Failed: Learn to code
  36. Failed: Visit Reggie White’s grave
  37. Failed: Visit Malcolm X’s grave.
  38. Completed: Visit the National Cathedral if it’s open
  39. Completed: Get an allergy test
  40. Failed: Finish tattoo

Kris’ Goals for Lyssa:

  1. Failed: Sing in a choir
  2. Failed: Play in a competitive sports league

51 thoughts on “2015 Bucket List

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  12. I LOVE THAT PHOTO. I have to follow you now. Your website pretty much encompasses everything I believe in. My husband and I are doing the same exact thing. This is a great idea and I am so happy I found your blog. I recently cleaned mine up as far as followers and the ones I follow goes, so I’m really glad I have fresh material to read. 🙂

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