Drink Hennessy and Courvoisier

Completed: 36 Drink Hennessy and Courvoisier

This is why goals are added — to learn something.

Going into this, I thought Courvoisier and Hennessy were different drinks. To my surprise, I discovered that they are both Cognacs, a brandy from a region in France.

Do you even need to ask why I added this as a goal? I grew up with references to this alcohol in rap songs, thanks to Tupac and others, so I had to try it.

I started with the Hennessy. Poured it in my special brandy glass. The fragrance was strong.  I took a sip and realized that this drink could put you on your butt real quick, but it tastes pretty good. Strong, but pretty damn good.

When I smelled the courvoisier, I instantly noticed the smell wasn’t as potent. I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it more than the Hennessey.  It was a little lighter and not as sweet.  
Maybe I’m not Tupac but I can still be a fan of the “yak” or “Hen-Dog” or whatever else you want to call it.

– Kris


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