Learn How to Fence

Completed: 1. Learn How to Fence

I don’t know what made me feel the need to fence — maybe it is my love for Princess Bride or maybe it was from watching fencing competitions during the Olympics.

At the beginning of this year, I tried to find a place where I could take a single fencing class. Like so many of our goals we don’t want to commit to long term, it was difficult to find this option. But luckily I was recently shopping (because that’s what teachers do in the summer) and found a Groupon deal for Fencing Sports Academy. This deal offered a single class for only $12.

I arrived and the instructor explained the history of fencing and then went on to talk about the different types of fencing, a subject I know very little about. After the informational session, we were told to do quick jogs and other warm up routines before suiting up.

A conveniently-named jacket given my last name

There are so many different articles of clothing you need to put on for fencing. I had a chest plate, protective sleeve, a jacket, and gloves. You are really weighed down. Then I was given my sword. At the tip of the sword is a button that when pressed down each time you score a point, which triggers a light to go off. I never knew that.


Being that there were three of us in the group, and I was the odd man out without a partner, I had to go against the instructor. Oh boy. She took an easy on me, but after the first two minutes, I was spent. Talk about a good cardio work out!






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