Participate in a Sleep Study

Completed: 32. Participate in a Sleep Study I snore. Like really bad. It's amazing I was able to find a woman to marry me. I also choke in the middle of the night (aka stop breathing from time to time). That kind of scares the shit out of me. What else do I do in the … Continue reading Participate in a Sleep Study

bumper cars kings dominion

Ride in Bumper Cars

Completed: 20. Ride in Bumper Cars Ahhhhhhh... bumper cars.  I must admit, I've done this before, but it was about 20 years ago. When I was little, I used to go to Kings Dominion solely for the bumper cars (if you remember, I'm afraid of roller coasters, so it was the only "ride" I could tolerate). As I grew … Continue reading Ride in Bumper Cars

paddle boating on the potomac dc

Take a Paddleboat to Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Completed: 8. Take a Paddleboat to Thomas Jefferson Memorial Who wouldn't want to do this?!?! I decided long ago that I wanted to paddle boat to the Jefferson Memorial. There's one little problem that delayed completing this: I can't swim (another goal that needs to be completed). Not that you need to swim to paddle boat, … Continue reading Take a Paddleboat to Thomas Jefferson Memorial

baltimore aquarium dolphin experience

“Swim” With Dolphins

Completed: 22. "Swim" With Dolphins *INSERT RAP AIRHORN* I am so excited to announce that my longest-held goal (since 2009) has finally been completed. You'll notice that "swim" is in quotation marks because I chose to complete this goal through a program at the Baltimore Aquarium that believes swimming with dolphins is harassment, so their immersion … Continue reading “Swim” With Dolphins

Go to Gerry Bertier’s Gravesite

Completed: 26. Go to Gerry Bertier's Gravesite By now, you should know I like to visit cemeteries. In this case, I wanted to pay my respects to Gerry Bertier, member of the 1971 TC Williams Virginia State Championship football team. The story surrounding that football team was later made into the movie, "Remember the Titans." This movie just … Continue reading Go to Gerry Bertier’s Gravesite