Kris Picks Lyssa’s Hair Color and Cut Twice This Year

Failed: 2. Kris Picks Lyssa’s Hair Color and Cut Twice This Year

Style #1: BLONDE

One morning I found Kris searching through celebrity hair styles for my new color/cut. After about an hour, he settled on Christie Brinkley as my hair inspiration. 
I am a mere mortal and she is one of the most beautiful women on earth. I imagine it is a stylist’s worst nightmare when they get a picture of a supermodel with instructions, “make me look like this.”

Before the first process (with seven months of natural root):

My stylist wants to get to this level of blonde over time, so my hair isn’t totally wrecked, so here’s the first round of lightening that took place at the end of April:

Round 3 of lightening, six months later, October:

It’s been a fun experiment letting someone pick out my hair color and that leads me back to the second hair color Kris has chosen.

Style 2: BLACK


I’m coming out right now and proclaiming that I’m failing this challenge. I’m really enjoying my lighter hair and don’t want to change it. *shrugs shoulders*



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