Learn to Twerk

Completed: 1. Learn to Twerk This goal was obviously one that Kris challenged me to tackle. Instead of documenting my actual twerk routine, which I proudly debuted Thanksgiving morning, I decided to film my reaction to the how-to videos I watched to prep me for this goal's completion. You want more details of my dancing? … Continue reading Learn to Twerk


Complete a Puzzle

Completed: 21. Complete a Puzzle When I was young, my sister would always complete puzzles. It made me so mad because I knew I didn’t have the patience or attention span to complete one, but there’s a part of me that’s always wanted to say I had. Some say that completing a puzzle makes your … Continue reading Complete a Puzzle

Read in a Cemetery

Completed: 13. Read in a Cemetery I didn’t mention it in this blost post, but I was unsuccessful the first time I tried to visit Gerry Bertier's gravesite. It was cold and snowy and I had arrived to the grounds later in the day. The cemetery office was closed and I wasn't going to walk through … Continue reading Read in a Cemetery

No Meat for a Week

Completed: 1. No Meat for a Week I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet that enjoys the taste of meat quite like me, but I chose to accept Lyssa’s challenge to go without meat for a week. I knew it would be a struggle. If I had thought it through, I would've chosen a … Continue reading No Meat for a Week

Watch NFL RedZone for Seven Hours

Completed 2. Watch NFL RedZone for Seven Hours I grew up in a family that really enjoys football. I recall many happy Sundays spent at Steelers bars, at family members' houses watching the game, or even going to the actual game. I recall the heartbreak of losses and the elation of wins. I even had enough love in … Continue reading Watch NFL RedZone for Seven Hours