Go to NYC Easter Parade

Easter Parade is one of my favorite musicals. It wasn't until college when I realized these "parades" still occur on Fifth Avenue on Easter morning, a tradition held since the late 1800s. Nowadays, they're less about showing off your wealth and more about showing off elaborate hats and cute pets. There are a few attendees... Continue Reading →


Lyssa’s Photo of the Day: 3/31/13

And Northern Virginia said, "Welcome home. Enjoy this traffic my roads are good at creating."*Failed this goal on 3/22/13 when I forgot to take a picture. My goal was to take one picture a day. Despite my failure, I'm still going to try to take a picture every day for the rest of the year.

March or Protest Something in DC

Completed: 31. March or protest something in DC We're huge same-sex marriage proponents so we joined today's rally outside of the Supreme Court Building. Our sign pretty much says it all. In short: We had our picture taken approximately a billion times by passers by. We were interviewed by CNN (we're afraid to see this interview).... Continue Reading →

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