vintage easter parade nyc

Go to NYC Easter Parade

Easter Parade is one of my favorite musicals. It wasn't until college when I realized these "parades" still occur on Fifth Avenue on Easter morning, a tradition held since the late 1800s. Nowadays, they're less about showing off your wealth and more about showing off elaborate hats and cute pets. There are a few attendees … Continue reading Go to NYC Easter Parade

not long ago our marriage was illegal washington post

On the Cover of The Washington Post

It started out with friends sharing our "Not Long Ago, Our Marriage Was Illegal" picture randomly on Facebook. Then, we were told our picture was #5 on Buzzfeed's The 60 Best Signs Against DOMA And Prop 8 At The Supreme Court. It made its way onto Tumblr. Friends alerted us to Sophia Bush's Instagram feed. … Continue reading On the Cover of The Washington Post

Lyssa’s Photo of the Day: 3/27/13

My dad texted me at 6 a.m. to tell me that me and Kris were on the front page of the Washington Post. We bought a billion copies [and I took pictures], of course.*Failed this goal on 3/22/13 when I forgot to take a picture. My goal was to take one picture a day. Despite … Continue reading Lyssa’s Photo of the Day: 3/27/13

not long ago our marriage was illegal supreme court

March or Protest Something in DC

Completed: 31. March or protest something in DC We're huge same-sex marriage proponents so we joined today's rally outside of the Supreme Court Building. Our sign pretty much says it all. Edit: Read up on Loving v. Virginia if you want to know what we're referring to in our sign. - Kris