Eat at Ollie’s Trolley

Completed: 14. Eat at Ollie’s Trolley

I was excited about eating at this kitschy, uncharacteristically DC, diner. After our Facebook Live chat at a local news station, we headed downtown to enjoy some late-night eats and to complete my third goal for the day (1. paint hallway, 2. get fake nails for the first time, 3. eat a Ollie’s Trolley – three goals in one day is a high record we both share, btw).

We got there around 9:20 p.m. and the place looked dead. We nearly turned around because we thought it was closed. Their “we’re open” sign was off, there were no patrons, and we didn’t see any staff. After sticking our faces up to the window, we saw movement behind the counter, realized they were open, and entered.

After we took our first breath in the restaurant, we turned to each other in disgust. Kris looks at me and says, “this place smells like…”

Before he could finish, I reply, “my urethra.”

Yes, that’s it.

This place smelled like all of the urine in all of the bladders.

We’re not food snobs and I will pretty much eat anything, but I’m not hot on eating potentially code-violating food, particularly meat, so we ordered their french fries, which are supposed to be amazing.

Not the case.

They tasted like the smell of cleaning supplies.

To sum up our experience: the establishment smelled like it was cleaned with pee and their signature fries tasted like they were marinated in cleaning solution. So, if you like that combination, get yourself to Ollie’s Trolley.

I’m disappointed that this post is so negative, as was our experience, and hope they just had an “off” night, but at least we had a good laugh.

No disappointment like that of bad fries

Kris was so upset by the experience, he left a review on Yelp because he’s passive aggressive.



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