Visit Robert Kennedy’s House in McLean, Virginia

Completed: 31. Visit Robert Kennedy’s House in McLean, Virginia

While reading a bio on RFK, I discovered that he lived in Northern Virginia while he was Attorney General, State Senator, and presidential candidate. It was here that he and his family (eventually 11 children) lived. It is conveniently located near CIA HQ at 1147 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia.

Hickory Hill was a house used for VIP parties, family gatherings, and competitive feats (RFK was always trying to prove himself). Ownership has since changed hands, but this historical house still stands.

McLean has some of the most beautiful houses in Northern Virginia, so even if you don’t visit Hickory Hill, it’s still worthy of a drive. Check it out for yourself.

This area is the best when it comes to discovering hidden historical gems.



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