Posted in March 2012

Tofu Overdose

Completed #17: Make one new food dish a month (March edition): BBQ Tofu and Slaw Sliders I’m on a mission to find the perfect crispy tofu recipe. This was not it, which I expected. However, it was pretty good. If I make it again, I’d probably cut the recipe in half as I had tofu for days … Continue reading

Candied Bacon

Finished #19: Cook a different dish twice a month (March edition): Candied Bacon No more words are needed. Click here for the recipe. – Kris

Drink More Expensive Wine

#33: Drink more expensive wine I’m not 100% sure that this wine is expensive, but it’s certainly the oldest bottle we’ve ever had, which counts for something, right? 1991 Fleurie “Domain Meziat” – Lyssa

Meh Chicken Strips

Finished #19: Cook a different dish twice a month (March edition): Garlic Cornbread Crouton-Crusted Chicken Strips These were NOT as good as I expected. I ate them all, but really, the definition of mediocre. Sorry, Sandra Lee. Here’s the recipe. – Kris