Salmon Cakes

#17: Make one new food dish a month: Salmon Cakes Right before our New Orleans trip, I learned that I have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid. Similar to Celiac sufferers, people with Hashimoto’s have a sensitivity to gluten/wheat. Eating foods that contain these items can exacerbate hypothyroid symptoms. Do not want.... Continue Reading →


Motorcycle Permit Test

Yea so um….I decided to take my Motorcycle permit test today without studying.  Well, you can only miss 5 and I missed 6.  The exact same thing happened to me when I took my permit test for my drivers license.  You would’ve thought I’d learned my lesson.  Oh well….there’s always another day… -Kris

Remain Potato Chip Free

Someone failed miserably on a goal: 31. Remain potato chip free. And by someone, I mean me. You are looking at the empty bag of BLT potato chips I finished last night. Over a year of living the chip-free life down the drain. And what did Kris do while I was hoarfing down the salty... Continue Reading →

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