Try on Wedding Dresses

Completed: 2. Try on Wedding Dresses

In case you were wondering how I escaped trying on a wedding dress, I didn’t have a traditional wedding, nor did I want one. I hate wearing white. I also hate that white symbolizes virginity. Okay, and I pretty much just hate weddings and didn’t want anything to do with it when we got married.

I honestly tried to avoid having any party to celebrate our own marriage, but Kris convinced me that we needed to have something. Ugh. Fine. Just don’t call it a wedding.

On our ten year relationship anniversary, we had a JOP come to our house and make us legal in front of my parents and my in-laws. I wore this cheap H&M dress (but was not holding a meal prep container like I was a few weeks ago when I wore this dress to work):


A month later, we had a cocktail party to celebrate our marriage. I wore this:


I have zero regrets about my outfit choice, but I realized that I missed out on trying on wedding gowns.

How do they feel? What is it like? Do they make you feel pretty? So many questions.

Kris joined me at the bridal shop. He’s as happy as I was.


Me, 15 minutes in and already overwhelmed by squealing women and tulle.

I wanted to try on a variety of styles. Poofy. Body hugging. Bedazzled. Lace. So here I am not feeling like myself and instead, feeling like a variety of wedding cake toppers.

It was fun to wear a bunch of different gowns, but I was so relieved when I took off the last one. I didn’t feel “pretty.” Corsets, poofy skirts, and rhinestones just aren’t my thing.

One last observation. Every girl in the store trying on dresses looked disgustingly miserable. Ladies, if you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. I did what made me happy and I didn’t disintegrate.

(For the record, had I worn a gown, these are the only ones I would have considered wearing.)



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