Albino Mozzarella Sticks

Today was the last day to complete this month’s “#17. Make one new food dish a month.” Lacking creativity, I decided to make a recipe that I stumbled upon while doing a work project. Here are Cooking Matters Mozzarella Sticks. The only difference between my recipe and the original one? I used rice crumbs instead of bread … Continue reading Albino Mozzarella Sticks


You won’t like me when I’m angry!

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t…pure but Goal #9 was completed today.  I’ve always wanted to say I’ve benched 300 pounds.  I thought it would make me sound tough..*newsflash* I’m not tough.  Today, however, I benched 300 pounds!  So maybe I had someone spot me….and maybe he might…MIGHT have helped me push it all the … Continue reading You won’t like me when I’m angry!

Work at a Fast Food Chain for One Day

That’s right, folks. Goal #6 was completed this afternoon by working at a local Burger King (location undisclosed).  I made sure I did this on a day where Lyssa was working and no one knew it was coming. I got to mop the whole store and I also got to checkout/give people their food. Don’t … Continue reading Work at a Fast Food Chain for One Day

The WhiteOut PodCast Complete!

I had a goal(Goal #10 to be exact) to start a Podcast.  Basically, it’s a chance to vent on current topics in the world…mainly sports.  I’d love to have people subscribe but I don’t care if I don’t have any followers to honest.  It was a goal of mine to complete for a while and … Continue reading The WhiteOut PodCast Complete!

Visit the Jimmy Stewart Museum

#16: Visit James Stewart museum, if it’s still open - DONE! After telling her about this trip, My mom: “When did you start liking old movies?” Me: “I’m not sure,” as I thought about the picture of Judy Garland that I cut out of a newspaper and placed in my jewelry box when I was … Continue reading Visit the Jimmy Stewart Museum

Visit the United States Botanical Garden

#24.1 Visit the following places that I’ve never been: Botanical Garden I couldn’t complete this goal without my mom, who adores flowers. So, I asked her to come with me as a Mother’s Day/Birthday combo outing bonanza. My mom, Rosmari, with Rosemary: A few things we learned/experienced at the U.S. Botanical Garden: It’s free. I asked … Continue reading Visit the United States Botanical Garden