Take Cooking Lessons

Completing: 40. Take Cooking Lessons

Even though this goal literally says “take cooking lessons,” when I was envisioning this goal, I really just wanted to cook new food types, not actually attend an in-person cooking class, which I have already done before.

Because I want to cook with foods I’m unfamiliar with or don’t eat, I turned to the Digital School of Culinary Arts (aka free online videos). This method also saves me money, so win-win.

Different types of ingredients/foods I’ve experimented with for the first time:

  • sweet potatoes
  • rosemary
  • cheese
  • soup

I am a very, very picky eater, so this is a huge deal. I never liked sweet potatoes or rosemary, but the recipe I used changed my mind. I am a sweet potato convert.

Cheese. I will NEVER change my mind on the matter, but I made cheesy broccoli tots. I also made tortilla soup. As someone who is neither a cheese or soup eater, Lyssa, human food vacuum, was my guinea pig. She approved of both.


I’ve also worked with my go-to ingredient. BACON. Specifically, I made Maple Bacon Crack.  It’s amazing. Maple syrup, croissant rolls, brown sugar, and of course… bacon. It didn’t last long in our house. Not because we ate it, but because Lyssa took it to work for her coworkers so that we would avoid gaining 18,098,098 pounds.


I’ve really enjoyed working on this goal. Not only have I experimented with items that are new to me, but I also discovered “Tasty.” A huge shout-out to them for making cooking easy and fun. 



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