Visit National D-Day Memorial

Completed: 32. Visit National D-Day Memorial

Only a three-hour trip from our house, Bedford, Virginia houses the National D-Day Memorial. After a co-worker of mine told me about this place, I committed to myself, an American history buff, that I would go. 

At first, you’d think it was odd that a national memorial would be located in the small town of Bedford, but it’s because this town lost more residents per capita in the Normandy landings than any other American city. Saving Private Ryan was based off the story of the “Bedford Boys.” As a matter of fact, Steven Spielberg, who directed the movie, donated a good amount of money so this memorial could be erected.

This is one of the most impressive memorials I’ve seen. It was beautifully done and very moving. It was fitting that we visited it Memorial Day Weekend take a moment to learn about everyone involved, from the medics, to those who planned this campaign, and of course, those who died during this major WWII operation.



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