Go to the Top of the Washington Monument

Completed: 20. Go to the Top of the Washington Monument Let's talk about this goal, "Go to the top of the Washington monument." We have quite the history: December 31st, 2010: I added this goal onto my 2011 bucket list. Sometime in early 2011, I bought tickets to go to the top. On the day our tour was scheduled, it … Continue reading Go to the Top of the Washington Monument


Ride a Roller Coaster

Completed: 34. Ride a Roller Coaster Since I was a little boy I've been terrified of roller coasters.  I hate fast speeds, I'm terrified of heights, and I don't like the feeling of almost dying. My dad likes to tell this story about how he and I attempted to ride The Rebel Yell when I was really … Continue reading Ride a Roller Coaster

Go Sailing

Completed: 4. Go Sailing I know nothing about sailing... other than JFK looked good doing it. Exhibit A: Unfortunately, my unrefined blue-collar blood prevents me from being as cool as a Kennedy. Exhibit B: My goal this year was to simply "go sailing," but I actually wanted to learn how it all works, so I took a … Continue reading Go Sailing