Kris: 2016 Failed Goals

It’s the time of year when we realize our failings. Here are the goals I won’t be able to accomplish this year.

17:  Become a Civil War Reenactor

I really wanted to complete this one, but it wasn’t worth the expense of buying the authentic garb. I’m not sure how many of you have looked into it, but this is really expensive. I would’ve had to spend more than $300. 


19:  Stay a couple of days in a specific house in Green Bay

There is this amazing house with a back yard that has a view of Lambeau Field. I encountered similar financial limitations. I was planning to go alone (or with Lyssa), but when you include the flight and the daily cost of the house, it’s just way too expensive.

24:  Race Once a Month

Damn this one. I was doing alright until I broke my ankle back in March. Months later and my ankle still isn’t back to what it should be. Here I am at my first race with a normal ankle. 


27:  Meet The Rock…

Didn’t happen. But I met his mom.

39:  Get the last bit of hair on my head laser removed

I’m annoyed with shaving the little bit of hair that grows on my head. I thought I’d look into this as a solution. I did some research and saw too many horror stories. I changed my mind on this one. Nope.

41:  Go out to eat with my brother and sister, no kids, 4 times a year.


I tried to coordinate meet-ups with my siblings. We got together once, but then my brother moved down to Florida, so in-person meetings were pretty impossible.  

Life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, and our yearly failures are a testament to that.

To be continued…



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