Find Out Our Family Secrets

Completed: 11. Find Out Our Family Secrets I don't even know where to begin... I guess I'll start like this: every family has secrets. Secrets might not be the best word for it, but  work with me here. My initial plan when I came up with this goal was to make sure I knew everything... Continue Reading →


NSFW: Get a Physical

Completed: 33. Get a Physical "The Physical," a Play by Kris White *Inspired by True Events [Kris has set a goal for himself to get a physical in 2014. He's excited that he's able to make an appointment at the last minute. Arriving promptly, Kris checks in with the front desk and is escorted by... Continue Reading →

Eat Korean BBQ

Completed: 12. Eat Korean BBQ Lots of research went into this one. We ended up going to Honey Pig, a local chain that came highly recommended. Located in Centreville, Virginia, a ten minute drive from where we live, and sometimes referred to as "New Koreatown" because of its large Korean population (Annandale, Virginia was the... Continue Reading →

Watch Brian’s Song

Completed: 2. Watch Brian's Song Some might call this movie the original "bro-mance" or ultimate "man" movie.  And for that, I'm actually ashamed I hadn't watched this movie sooner. This based-on-a-true-story is about Chicago Bears players Gale Sayers (a black player) and Brian Piccolo (a white player).  The movie tells the story of their relationship... Continue Reading →

Clever Girl

One of Kris' goals for me, #3: Start a feminist blog/organization, has been completed. I started a feminist blog today called Clever Girl (best quote from Jurassic Park). I'm not sure where it'll go, but most likely it will feature rants about patriarchy. You know, the really fun stuff. - Lyssa

Visit the Mormon Temple in DC

Completed: 5. Visit the Mormon Temple in DC *As you may or may not know, if you're not Mormon, you can't go into the building, hence why I could only visit the outside.* The temple is technically located in Kensington, Maryland, however it is named the Washington DC Temple. This is a must see. This... Continue Reading →

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