2018 Bucket List

Lyssa’s 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Failed: Travel to Joshua Tree National Park
  2. Completed: Take an improv/storytelling class/stand-up which forces me to perform on stage
  3. Failed: Get hypnotized
  4. Completed: Play beer pong for the first time
  5. Completing: Give up plastic straws, use reusable straws or no straws
  6. Completed: Drive backwards on a street like Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy in the Hypnotize music video
  7. Failed: Travel out of country with my sister
  8. Completed: Ride the merry-go-round on the National Mall
  9. Completed: Eat breakfast at Crystal City Restaurant, a Gentleman’s Club (I hear they have good biscuits)
  10. Completed: Go to Gordonsville Famous Fried Chicken Festival
  11. Completing: Practice mindfulness/be present
  12. Completed: Go to a non-musical Broadway play
  13. Failed: Ride on a Vespa
  14. Completed: Read first Harry Potter book
  15. Completed: Ride in a fire truck
  16. Completed: Go to a Nascar event
  17. Completed: Pawn something, go into a pawn store
  18. Completed: Visit Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree exhibit
  19. Completed: See a Cirque du Soleil show
  20. Failed: Learn the entire Michael Jackson Thriller dance
  21. Completed: Go to a Day of the Dead celebration
  22. Failed: Start a business
  23. Failed: Watch all Alfred Hitchcock movies
  24. Failed: Speak at a conference
  25. Completed: Carry over from 2017: Visit Yogaville
  26. Completed: Disconnect from technology more
  27. Completing: Go to nice restaurant with Kris five times
  28. Failed: Learn Spanish
  29. Failed: Go to Seneca Falls, NY around Christmas
  30. Completed: Take more baths
  31. Failed: Eat only eggs, fish, and occasional bacon, no more red meat/chicken
  32. Completed: Leave less of an impact on earth with regard to my carbon footprint, trash, waste
  33. Failed: Print out photos of us and frame
  34. Kind of completed: Pick a random location to travel because it’s cheap
Lyssa Challenges Kris to:
  1. Failed: Attend and perform at an open mic night
  2. Failed: Be a guest host on an established/famous podcast/establish a legitimate podcast

Kris’ 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Failed: Interview Denise Austin, American Fitness Icon
  2. Failed: Use our Go Pro more than twice this year
  3. Completed: Visit to Eden Center (shopping center) in Falls Church, VA
  4. Completed: Go to Tony Kornheiser’s restaurant “Chatter”
  5. Failed: Go to Gaetano’s Cheesesteaks in New Jersey
  6. Completed: Go to Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk, Virginia
  7. Completed in 2020: Visit the Presidents Park
  8. Completed: Visit John Wilkes Booth’s grave and place pennies on it
  9. Failed: Visit Snowdays ice cream shop in NYC
  10. Failed: Visit CoolMess ice cream shop in NYC
  11. Completed: Learn how to swim
  12. Failed: Perform a good Macho Man impression
  13. Failed: Go in an infinity pool
  14. Completed: Try rocky road ice cream for the first time
  15. Completed: Try a Charleston Chew
  16. Failed: Visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
  17. Completed kind of: Get a drone
  18. Failed: Do a kip-up
  19. Completed: Participate in the 20 mile DC bike ride
  20. Completed: See a local wrestling show
  21. Failed: Have Lyssa and my picture on the wall of a local restaurant
  22. Completed: Try pistachios
  23. Completing: Play the lottery once a month
  24. Completed: Move on or up in career
  25. Failed: Learn to French braid hair
  26. Failed: See a CZW show
  27. Completed: Learn how to play craps
  28. Completed in 2019: Play with a beagle
  29. Completed: Watch The Breakfast Club
  30. Failed: Raise money for a cause
  31. Completed:Start celebrating Juneteenth
  32. Completed: Start cycling outside
  33. Completing: Try a different IPA each month
  34. Failed: Learn to read music again and eventually play the piano
  35. Failed: Develop a skill in which the product can be sold on Etsy
  36. Completing: Complain less
  37. Completing: Make martinis at home
  38. CompletedDrink more scotch
  39. Completing: Lyssa needs to give me an ingredient each month and make a dish with it
  40. Completed: Go back to Green Bay and take the Ultimate Tour
  41. Completed: Do what makes me happy (podcasts)
  42. Failed: Visit Notre Dame
  43. Completed: Finish at least one arm sleeve tattoo
  44. Completed: Learn and play cards with my dad. Also with my mom and Lyssa.

Kris Challenges Lyssa to:

  1. Failed: Spit fire like she’s in a carnival
  2. Completed: Do not watch any old movies or musicals or TCM for a week
  3. NULL AND VOID: Watch 10 specific episodes of The Cosby show.
  4. Completed: Watch my favorite wrestling match from 2017