Go to DC Pride

Completed: 12. Go to DC Pride

I don’t need to get into why I wanted to attend a parade celebrating LGBT community, do I?

Not only did I attend, but I marched in the parade with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an important resource for this community, as suicides occur at a higher rate  compared to the general population.

Sure, it’s a serious cause, but we spread awareness with fun (and beads). Plus, you can’t be too serious when you are followed by this group:

The energy was unbelievable. 150,000 people. So much love. So many smiles. So much solidarity. And most importantly, despite the chaos, I heard at least five people stopping someone in my group and communicating heartfelt gratitude for spreading awareness about the important cause of suicide prevention. That was really special.

I’m not L, G, B, or T, but I’m a human who cares for other humans, especially those who might be struggling with something as vital to one’s humanity as sexual orientation or gender identity.

Thank you to everyone for making my first Pride a great experience. Also, thanks to Stephanie for bringing fans and saving me from overheating on a brutally-hot day.



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