Get in an Ice/Cold Tub

Completed: 2. Get in an ice/cold tub

aka Operation Shrinkage aka no pictures

I’ve come to realize in my older age that I can’t physically do things like I used to. Or as Lyssa harshly describes me, I am an aging athlete. I hate when she says it, but there’s truth behind it.

The premise behind a cold tub after working out is to prevent small muscles tears and, more importantly, soreness. Every morning when I stand up, it sounds like a person stepped on a bunch of cornflakes. My bones pop. My body sounds like it’s tearing apart. It’s not a pretty sight.

I decided to go to SpaWorld for my cold tub experience (along with everyone else, it seemed).


I worked out in their gym beforehand so I could get a good pump in. I took a short shower, then went into their “pool” area for the 59-degree pool. I placed my toe in the pool and lost feeling in my toe instantly.  I then eased the rest of my body into it and felt like someone injected my spine with ice cubes. It was as if my body was experiencing a brain freeze.  

In regards to my man region, by the way TMI, I felt like my balls were going back into my body and a part of me worried that I would have to go through puberty all over again. I stayed in the pool for about five minutes.

This experience was painful. That being said, my body did feel better the hours after I went into the cold tub. 



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