Posted in February 2012

Farewell (For Now), Sweet Roller Derby

Farewell (For Now), Sweet Roller Derby I busted my butt for nearly six months in order to complete one of my biggest 2011 goals, “Try out for roller derby,” which I officially completed in October 2011. I started cardio/endurance training early last year and bought my first pair of skates in July. The moment I … Continue reading

Visit Tudor Place (Unrelated to Henry VIII)

Done! #24.2 Visit the following places that I’ve never been: Tudor Place. Note: I stole this pic from the internet. The front of the house is currently under construction and the picture I took doesn’t capture how it usually looks. After I read “Martha Washington: An American Life” last year, I started doing research on … Continue reading

Expensive Cheese Popovers

Completed #17: Make one new food dish a month: (February edition) Gruyere Popovers I had a lot of leftover Gruyere after I made the mac n cheese gnocchi and I wasn’t about to waste $10 of cheese. Luckily, I was able to get rid of the rest of it with this recipe. Check out this … Continue reading

Visit Ford’s Theatre

Crossing this off my list! #24.3 Visit the following places that I’ve never been: Ford’s Theater I love living near D.C. I’ve lived in the area since I was six and I still have yet to explore so many significant landmarks. For example, neither Kris nor I have ever been to Ford’s Theatre — the … Continue reading

“You Gonna Eat Your Cornbread?”

Finished the second part of #19: Cook a different dish twice a month (February edition) – Honey cornbread with bacon I used boxed cornbread mix and added cooked bacon. Simple. The flavors are perfect together. – Kris

Finger Lickin’ Good

Finished #19: Cook a different dish twice a month (February edition): Deep-fried, beer-battered chicken I bought a deep fryer today. Every item of food that enters this house will be fried. 2012 is the year of type II diabetes. Just kidding. I just threw in random spices, so there’s no recipe to share. – Kris