Travel to Salem, Massachusetts in October

Completed: 5. Travel to Salem, Massachusetts in October I know there are a few more uncompleted goals left on my 2014 list, but I think it's safe to say that visiting Salem in October may go down as as my favorite completed goal of the year. It was a dream come true -- some women dream about... Continue Reading →


Make Great Cookies

Completed: 27. Make Great Cookies I've never been able to make good cookies. They always seem to suck -- too dry, too hard, etc. I admit, it's mostly user error, but I'm happy to finally say that I've produced the perfect cookie. I feel like every person has that one great go-to recipe in their arsenal and now I do, thanks... Continue Reading →

Research Possibility of Acquiring British Citizenship by Descent

Completed: 3. Research Possibility of Acquiring British Citizenship by Descent My paternal grandfather was born in England and emigrated to America with his parents (above) in the '20s. I heard a rumor that I could become a British citizen because of the location of my Grandfather's birth, so I reached out to the British Embassy and they quickly... Continue Reading →

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