Completed: 31. Organize Finances

This photo was taken after I before I deposited $700 that I raised for an International Women’s Day fundraiser, but nonetheless, it’s me with money and appropriate for this blog about finances.


I’m really proud of how far I’ve come this year with organizing our finances. I wanted to consistently 1. Save (excluding 401Ks etc.) 2. Pay credit card. 3. Understand how much we could set aside every month by signing up for LearnVest, a financial aggregator.

A year later and we have more money in our savings and continue to pay off our credit card. Preferably, I’d like have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, to never put money on our credit card, and never have debt, but we’re not there just yet. Baby steps.

Plus, fun fact, before being selected VP, Mike Pence had less than fifteen thousand dollars in his bank account, so I shouldn’t feel too terrible about where I’m at.




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