Watch the First Season of Queer as Folk

Completed: 11. Watch the first season of Queer as Folk

I heard this show was amazing. I know there’s both a British and American version, but I just watched the American version. Before I go into my review of the show, I will tell you right now that I did not like it.  

First off, the characters were weak and most of the actors were terrible. The characters were so immature for the ages they were portraying — late 20s/early 30s.  Another issue — they were supposed to be based in Pittsburgh, yet no Pittsburgh accents. Where’s the authenticity? Regarding the plot, most shows use stories to set up sex. This show used sex to set up sex… and then sex… and then more sex. I am no prude, but it was gratuitous and didn’t enhance the story. Also, there were 20 episodes in the first season. Each episode last 50 minutes.  In my opinion, they were way too long. In my opinion, it should have had about 14 episodes running, each running around 30 minutes?

Then there was the character Brian Kinney. 


He was the worst thing about this show. I understand the character was supposed to be a jerk and rude, but it was unbearable. His presence ruined the show for me.

As for the positives… the music. It was fantastic. I’m a huge fan of trance/house/EDM and they were generous in playing it. 

Sorry to say, everyone, but I was not impressed. I’ve decided to not watch the British version of this show either. I’ve been burned.



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