2020 Bucket List




Personal Enrichment:

  • Completing: Listen to a Ted Talks or Super Soul podcasts while getting ready in the morning
  • Completing: Look into voiceover work
  • FAILED: Take a writing class
  • FAILED: Become a sommelier
  • FAILED: Write a Christmas story script for the Hallmark channel
  • Completed: Write stream of consciousness, not formatted


  • FAILED: Profit off of podcasting
  • FAILED: Apply to be on Nailed It

Make a Difference:

  • Completed: No more single use plastic
  • COVID Nope: Attend a women Wikipedia edit-a-thon

Every day living reminders:

  • Live big (SMD)
  • Take things as they come and try not to get overwhelmed
  • Embrace, surrender, and meet huge lifestyle changes with patience
  • Live in honor of our ancestors and in service of our descendants
  • Think about all the time you’ve wasted on social media when you could be changing the world
  • Empower and support friends/women better throughout the year
  • Trust body knows what it’s doing
  • COVID NOPE: Say yes to new adventures, particularly with Kris, before April
  • Integrate baby into travel. No excuse to not travel.
  • Continue to practice presence
  • Choose love not fear

Goals for Kris

  • COVID Nope: Attend Cirque du Soleil
  • COVID Nope: See a physical therapist regularly
  • FAILED: Submit poems as lyrics for songs
  • FAILED: Disconnect from phone while home, designate phone time
  • MEH: Stop resisting me taking photos of you



  • Completed: Go to Len Bias’ grave
  • COVID Nope: Visit Kettle of Fish in NYC
  • COVID Nope (completed in 2021): Go to the York Barbell Retail Outlet Store in York, Pennsylvania
  • COVID Nope: Go to International Wings Factory in NYC
  • COVID Nope: Visit Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia
  • Completed: Become a member of an airline company
  • COVID Nope: Go to DokoDemo Japanese Grill in NYC
  • COVID Nope: Go back to San Fran and Muir Woods
  • COVID Nope: Take a solo trip with baby



Personal Enrichment:

  • FAILED: Take a 23 and Me test
  • FAILED: Learn everything about retirement and Medicare and Medicaid
  • FAILED: Publish my poems (old goal)
  • FAILED: Read 12 CliffsNotes books
  • FAILED: Take a class in wine
  • FAILED: Learn to make vector files
  • FAILED: Learn photoshop like Lyssa
  • FAILED: Attempt to learn spanish again
  • COVID NOPE: Baking class with local baker

Make a Difference:

  • FAILED: Start a scholarship foundation
  • Completed: Be on a city Board


  • FAILED: Hike at least one time
  • COVID NOPE: Exercise in DC one morning or afternoon
  • FAILED: Take a class on nutrition
  • Failed (can’t): Get a colonoscopy
  • COVID Nope: Get a Facial/manicure/pedicure/massage/chiropractor monthly

Every Day Living Reminders:

  • Treat others like they treat me

Misc. To-do:

  • FAILED: Create a black and white photo of myself with white eyes and hang in our house
  • Completed: Get shoes with red soles
  • COVID Nope: Finish my tattoo sleeve

Goals for Lyssa

  • COVID Nope: Try SolidCore
  • COVID Nope: Cook at least once a month for the family
  • Embrace the spotlight
  • Completed: Take a solo trip with baby

Update: June 2020

Mid-Year Fuck It List:

  • Take African ancestry
  • Become board certified in something
  • Become a notary