Sweet Cheesus

Completed #17: Make one new food dish a month (January edition): Crispy, cheese-y, garlic-y gnocchi mac n cheese I almost cried when I saw this recipe on Pinterest last week, as I have a long obsession with mac n cheese. The best part about this dish? It gets crispy on both sides. I broiled it … Continue reading Sweet Cheesus


Funky Floor No More

We inherited the ugliest kitchen/bathroom floors EVER. Yellow and SO ’70s. We’ve gone back and forth on replacing the floors over the years. Was it worth the money? Will this improvement help us sell? Despite the fact that this is actually the dumbest question in history (we’d have to build a diamond-encrusted helipad on our … Continue reading Funky Floor No More

“And Your Excuse is What?”

A few years ago, Kris and I were at the golf range. I was just learning how to swing. I kept hitting the ball, but it would go about six inches. I was getting hopeless (but secretly kind of happy my small boobs were finally getting in the way of something!). An older man walked … Continue reading “And Your Excuse is What?”

Top 10 Tips to Waste Less Food

As I was rushing to put the finishing touches on the above-mentioned page for work last Friday night, I admit, I was too distracted by impending dinner plans to appreciate its content. By the way, I’m a Web Producer for Share Our Strength — a national nonprofit attempting to end childhood hunger in America. This … Continue reading Top 10 Tips to Waste Less Food

Join Local Pro-choice Protestor

There is a clinic nearby that performs abortions (among many other women's health-related offerings). If you drive by, there is always a group of pro-life protestors picketing. In response to that group, on Saturdays, one man stands on the opposite side of the street, all by himself, holding up pro-choice signs. Through rain or shine, he's … Continue reading Join Local Pro-choice Protestor

2012 Goals

Behold, our annual goal list. I laughed for a good few minutes when Kris shared one of his goals. Surprisingly and unintentionally, there are a few of ours that are VERY similar. New this year: we came up with goals for each other. Here they are! In no particular order… Lyssa’s Goals: Start a blog (OH SHIT. … Continue reading 2012 Goals