Lyssa: 2016 Failed Goals

It’s that time of year! All of our failures!

4. Fly in a helicopter

I went to Miami for a work conference and thought that I could squeeze in a helicopter flight in South Beach. I called to book an appointment, but I was told I needed a partner. I traveled solo, so I asked them to keep me on the waiting list in case another lonely soul also wanted to fly in a helicopter. They never called me back.

7. Walk through Embassy row in DC

This year’s Embassy Week fell on the same day as the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, so guess which one I chose to do.

10. Learn how to become a metro driver

I thought I could shadow a driver, so I found some numbers I could call to inquire about doing so. But the idea of even calling about doing something nearly impossible when the metro is on fire — both figuratively and literally — I decided to refrain from further pursuing this goal.

27. Skydive with my dad if he adds it to his bucket list

Thank goodness he didn’t complete this.

35. Attend an Indian wedding

I thought that if I put this out into the world, that it might happen. I want to witness something as beautiful as an Indian wedding. I would love to attend one at one point during my lifetime – just putting it out there!



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