“One’s title, even a title like president, says very little about how well one’s life has been led — and that no matter how much you’ve done, or how successful you’ve been, there’s always more to do, more to learn, more to achieve.” — President Barack Obama


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What is the Great Goal Rush?

We are Lyssa Walker White and Kris White, a married couple living in the suburbs of our nation’s capital, in Manassas, Virginia. We are activists, former business owners, engaged members of our community, goal getters, volunteers, joy seekers, professionals, and podcasters. We try to live life with a commitment to self-improvement, a passion for experiencing new things, intentionality, and most importantly, gratitude — a lifestyle and mindset we hope infects our community of followers as they navigate this life. And despite all of this new age-sounding consciousness bullshit, we don’t take ourselves very seriously — offering a healthy roasting of each other along the way.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” – Robert F. Kennedy

It all started on New Year’s Eve, 2009, when we decided to come up with goals, not resolutions, for the year ahead. We wanted to take more control over our lives instead of sitting back and just letting life happen to us or pass us by. We wanted to live more intentionally. Every year since, we’ve created a yearly bucket list then encouraged each other and worked toward achieving them throughout the year.

In 2012, we started to document our bucket list journey and their [hopeful] completion in this blog. Though we retired the blogging format in 2018, we now exclusively share updates on our Facebook page and our podcast, launched in 2018.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”




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2022 Bucket List

Lyssa’s Goals

Goals for Kris:

  • Consider job opportunities closer to home
  • Clean bathroom more

Kris’ Goals

  • Make glass
  • Buy an arcade game
  • Completed: Get the Scott Steiner head gear
  • Completed: Start burning sage
  • Completed: Try Pralines and Cream ice cream
  • Completed: Watch Deliverance
  • Ride the parkway on a bike
  • Partner with ACS on something
  • Take a picture in a tux with the bow tie untied
  • Completed: Watch Playmakers
  • Completed: Learn how to pick a lock
  • Completed: Have food from a place that’s known for the “best you’ll ever try”
  • Completed: Relearn and play spades again
  • Make a TikTok-style video I’m impressed with
  • Completed: Try Oxtail
  • Figure out how to tie sneakers in a specific way
  • Completed: Visit Nashville
  • Get and wear a fresh lei
  • Visit DMX’s grave site in New York
  • Completed: Go to a batting cage
  • Do the people’s eyebrow
  • Completed: Go to TopGolf
  • Completed: Buy a new laptop and dedicate it to remixing songs and learning more about layering
  • Completed: Watch A Few Good Men
  • Try to become a calf model
  • Visit Montana
  • Completed: Go back to Green Bay
  • Completed: Go to Third Zion Baptist Church in Front Royal, VA
  • Completed: Drink a Spotted Cow beer
  • Go clay shooting
  • Get both cars detailed
  • Go back to Finger Lakes, NY
  • Completed: Watch Moana with Lillie
  • Completed: Give grits another chance
  • Completing: Try 12 of the most popular/stereotypical Starbucks drinks
  • Completed: Buy Doc Martens
  • Get in a wrestling ring
  • Completed: Do more things I suck at
  • Try Ambrosia salad 
  • Completing: Start a Chinese food ranking blog/try 12 new Chinese food places
  • Finish decorating the basement
  • Completed: Buy a head shaving kit
  • Completed: Present at a conference or be a part of a panel
  • Solve a Rubik’s cube (Yuxin)
  • Completing: Look into equity and redoing our kitchen
  • Be more flexible
  • Completed: Make my dad chitterlings and my mom liver
  • Buy a panini press and make paninis, including a French dip
  • Get a new mattress/ChiliSleep
  • Completed: Try on a pair of Crocks
  • Completed: Watch Caddyshack
  • Completed: Contact my old college professors about becoming a teacher in college
  • Finish forearm tattoo

Goals for Lyssa

  • Completed: Watch The Wire
  • Lyssa design my forearm tattoo
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Our Podcast

In 2018, we launched our podcast. A new episode is released every Sunday, in which we talk about our bucket list and other random subjects. Subscribe to our podcast.