2018 Bucket List

Lyssa’s 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Travel to Joshua Tree National Park
  2. Take an improv/storytelling class/stand-up which forces me to perform on stage
  3. Get hypnotized
  4. Completed: Play beer pong for the first time
  5. Completing: Give up plastic straws, use reusable straws or no straws
  6. Drive backwards on a street like Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy in the Hypnotize music video
  7. Travel out of country with my sister
  8. Completed: Ride the merry-go-round on the National Mall
  9. Completed: Eat breakfast at Crystal City Restaurant, a Gentleman’s Club (I hear they have good biscuits)
  10. Completed: Go to Gordonsville Famous Fried Chicken Festival
  11. Completing: Practice mindfulness/be present
  12. Go to a non-musical Broadway play
  13. Ride on a Vespa
  14. Completed: Read first Harry Potter book
  15. Ride in a fire truck
  16. Completed: Go to a Nascar event
  17. Pawn something, go into a pawn store
  18. Completed: Visit Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree exhibit
  19. Completed: See a Cirque du Soleil show
  20. Learn the entire Michael Jackson Thriller dance
  21. Go to a Day of the Dead celebration
  22. Start a business
  23. Watch all Alfred Hitchcock movies
  24. Speak at a conference
  25. Completed: Carry over from 2017: Visit Yogaville
  26. Completing: Disconnect from technology more
  27. Completing: Go to nice restaurant with Kris five times
  28. Learn Spanish
  29. Go to Seneca Falls, NY around Christmas
  30. Completed: Take more baths
  31. Eat only eggs, fish, and occasional bacon, no more red meat/chicken
  32. Leave less of an impact on earth with regard to my carbon footprint, trash, waste
  33. Print out photos of us and frame
  34. Pick a random location to travel because it’s cheap
Lyssa Challenges Kris to:
  1. Attend and perform at an open mic night
  2. Be a guest host on an established/famous podcast/establish a legitimate podcast

Kris’ 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Interview Denise Austin, American Fitness Icon
  2. Use our Go Pro more than twice this year
  3. Completed: Visit to Eden Center (shopping center) in Falls Church, VA
  4. Go to Tony Kornheiser’s restaurant “Chatter”
  5. Go to Gaetano’s Cheesesteaks in New Jersey
  6. Go to Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk, Virginia
  7. Visit the Presidents Park
  8. Completed: Visit John Wilkes Booth’s grave and place pennies on it
  9. Visit Snowdays ice cream shop in NYC
  10. Visit CoolMess ice cream shop in NYC
  11. Learn how to swim
  12. Perform a good Macho Man impression
  13. Go in an infinity pool
  14. Completed: Try rocky road ice cream for the first time
  15. Completed: Try a Charleston Chew
  16. Visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
  17. Get a drone
  18. Do a kip-up
  19. Completed: Participate in the 20 mile DC bike ride
  20. Completed: See a local wrestling show
  21. Have Lyssa and my picture on the wall of a local restaurant
  22. Completed: Try pistachios
  23. Play the lottery once a month
  24. Move on or up in career
  25. Learn to French braid hair
  26. Failed: See a CZW show
  27. Learn how to play craps
  28. Play with a beagle
  29. Completed: Watch The Breakfast Club
  30. Raise money for a cause
  31. Completed: Start celebrating Juneteenth
  32. Completed: Start cycling outside
  33. Completing: Try a different IPA each month
  34. Learn to read music again and eventually play the piano
  35. Develop a skill in which the product can be sold on Etsy
  36. Completing: Complain less
  37. Completing: Make martinis at home
  38. Completing: Drink more scotch
  39. Completing: Lyssa needs to give me an ingredient each month and make a dish with it
  40. Completed: Go back to Green Bay and take the Ultimate Tour
  41. Do what makes me happy (podcasts)
  42. Visit Notre Dame
  43. Completed: Finish at least one arm sleeve tattoo
  44. Completed: Learn and play cards with my dad. Also with my mom and Lyssa.

Kris Challenges Lyssa to:

  1. Failed: Spit fire like she’s in a carnival
  2. Completed: Do not watch any old movies or musicals or TCM for a week
  3. Watch 10 specific episodes of The Cosby show.
  4. Watch my favorite wrestling match from 2017

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