Travel First Class

Completed: 8. Travel First Class

Oddly enough, Lyssa and I both added this onto our 2016 bucket lists. I really wanted to complete this with her, but that didn’t pan out. I was able to fly first class on a work trip, which is all that matters.

Not only do you get to board first, which makes you feel like a boss, but you get free alcohol. 


As soon as you sit down on the flight, they ask if you want a drink. Um… yes please… and keep them coming.


It was a breakfast flight, so I ordered screwdrivers (and didn’t drink as much as Lyssa). Vodka and orange juice. The breakfast of champions. The hot towel, which was definitely not needed, was a nice addition.


You always hear about how pampered you are in first class. Well, you are. Back to coach.



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