2017 Bucket List


Lyssa’s 2017 bucket list:

  1. Completed: Participate in a polar bear plunge
  2. Attend a music festival
  3. Completed: Visit Chincoteague and see the wild ponies
  4. Completed: Stay at The Watergate Hotel
  5. Completed: Eat a McDonald’s apple pie for the first time
  6. CompletedGo roller skating with Kris
  7. Completed: Attend a Rodeo
  8. Become involved in local government
  9. Completed: Visit Susan B. Anthony’s grave
  10. Completed: Eat a soft shell crab for the first time
  11. Sleep in a notoriously-haunted place
  12. Find a job/gig on Craigslist
  13. Go to an infomercial taping
  14. Completed: Try chewing tobacco
  15. Attend a yoga retreat in Yogaville
  16. See a shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center
  17. Completed: Go jet skiing
  18. Completed: Mow a lawn
  19. Go to Santa’s Pub in Nashville
  20. Completed: Visit Woodrow Wilson’s house in DC
  21. Completed: Eat at Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant
  22. Completed: Visit Sleepy Hollow in October
  23. CompletedGo to Franciscan Monastery in DC
  24. Memorialize Aunt Missy’s nightgowns in some way
  25. Completed: Watch 2 Girls 1 Cup
  26. Work out in the front row of group classes instead of the back
  27. Completed: Eat at Tandoori Village
  28. Ride a mechanical bull
  29. Completed: Attend a sleepover at the National Archives
  30. Completed: Get a limo and eat a pizza in the back of it like Kevin McCallister
  31. Organize finances
  32. Create an emergency preparedness plan
  33. Listen to compliments instead of dismissing them
  34. Completed: Go to a Chiropractor
  35. Go visit church that Jackie Taylor aka Anne Gillespie from 90210 preaches at
  36. Play music in house
  37. Live with this in mind: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”(MS related)
  38. Will myself to not get overheated and flushed
  39. Stand tall
  40. Moisturize hands more
  41. Carried over from 2016: fly in a helicopter
  42. Completed: Carried over from 2016: walk through Embassy Row

Lyssa’s goal for Kris:

  1. Completed: Go to Chuck-E-Cheese
  2. Completed: Go to hot yoga class
  3. Completed: Watch a Madea movie in the theater
  4. Instruct a class at the gym

Kris’ 2017 bucket list:

  1. Go to Disney World
  2. Provide more blog content
  3. Learn to burp
  4. See a Medium
  5. Try Dom Perignon or Ace of Spades Champagne
  6. Learn a card trick
  7. Completed: Try a fish filet sandwich from McDonald’s
  8. Completed: Visit CIA headquarters in Langley, VA
  9. Completed: Visit the Big Chair Chess Club house in DC
  10. Learn Jaime Foxx “Don’t Need it Dance” and teach my parents
  11. Buy a t-shirt screen press and make my own shirts
  12. Completed: Meet CT Fletcher
  13. Completed: Attend the Arnold Classic
  14. Completed: Attempt to drink a full bottle of alcohol with Lyssa during the span of one day (see how far we can get)
  15. Completing: Incorporate Yoga and Pilates more in my workout regime
  16. Spin a basketball on my finger
  17. Become a Make-a-Wish wish granter
  18. Attend a storage auction
  19. Visit the Outer Banks
  20. Completed: Go to the LBJ Memorial Grove in DC
  21. Completed: Watch ET
  22. Completed: Watch a show or a game at Madison Square Garden
  23. Be more decisive and transparent
  24. Completed: Visit Georgetown University
  25. Visit a state I’ve never been
  26. Completed: Try cryotherapy treatment
  27. Completed: Participate in the 100 push-up challenge
  28. Try a different local restaurant every month
  29. Visit a legal weed shop
  30. Buy a pair of Jordans
  31. Make a sports bet in Las Vegas
  32. Completed: Drink a gallon of water a day for a week
  33. Perform at the Hylton Performing Arts Center
  34. Completed: Stay at The Watergate Hotel
  35. Buy a cool set of contacts
  36. Play in a rec league, any sport
  37. Make my moms greens and Mac and Cheese
  38. Give oatmeal a chance
  39. Completed: See an ear, nose, and throat specialist
  40. Completed: Do DDP yoga
  41. Completed: Transform from muscular to lean and flexible
  42. Completed: Go to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
  43. Hike Sharp Top Trail
  44. Donate to a different charity once a month
  45. Learn about social media jobs
  46. Carried Over 2016: Visit Pro Football Hall of Fame

Kris’ goals for Lyssa:

  1. Thank service staff
  2. Complete 20 push-ups in a row
  3. Smoke weed with her parents
  4. Get the Virginia tattoo she wants
  5. Thoroughly cleans her car once a month



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