2017 Bucket List


Lyssa’s 2017 bucket list:

  1. Completed: Participate in a polar bear plunge
  2. Failed: Attend a music festival
  3. Completed: Visit Chincoteague and see the wild ponies
  4. Completed: Stay at The Watergate Hotel
  5. Completed: Eat a McDonald’s apple pie for the first time
  6. CompletedGo roller skating with Kris
  7. Completed: Attend a Rodeo
  8. Completed: Become involved in local government
  9. Completed: Visit Susan B. Anthony’s grave
  10. Completed: Eat a soft shell crab for the first time
  11. Completed in 2018: Sleep in a notoriously-haunted place
  12. Failed: Find a job/gig on Craigslist
  13. Failed: Go to an infomercial taping
  14. Completed: Try chewing tobacco
  15. Will carry over to 2018: Attend a yoga retreat in Yogaville
  16. Failed: See a shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center
  17. Completed: Go jet skiing
  18. Completed: Mow a lawn
  19. Failed: Go to Santa’s Pub in Nashville
  20. Completed: Visit Woodrow Wilson’s house in DC
  21. Completed: Eat at Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant
  22. Completed: Visit Sleepy Hollow in October
  23. CompletedGo to Franciscan Monastery in DC
  24. Failed: Memorialize Aunt Missy’s nightgowns in some way
  25. Completed: Watch 2 Girls 1 Cup
  26. Completed: Work out in the front row of group classes instead of the back
  27. Completed: Eat at Tandoori Village
  28. Completed: Ride a mechanical bull
  29. Completed: Attend a sleepover at the National Archives
  30. Completed: Get a limo and eat a pizza in the back of it like Kevin McCallister
  31. Completed: Organize finances
  32. Completed: Create an emergency preparedness plan
  33. Completed: Listen to compliments instead of dismissing them
  34. Completed: Go to a Chiropractor
  35. Failed: Go visit church that Jackie Taylor aka Anne Gillespie from 90210 preaches at
  36. Completed: Play music in house
  37. Completed: Live with this in mind: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”(MS related)
  38. Completing: Will myself to not get overheated and flushed
  39. Completing: Stand tall
  40. Completing: Moisturize hands more
  41. Failed: Carried over from 2016: fly in a helicopter
  42. Completed: Carried over from 2016: walk through Embassy Row

Lyssa’s goal for Kris:

  1. Completed: Go to Chuck-E-Cheese
  2. Completed: Go to hot yoga class
  3. Completed: Watch a Madea movie in the theater
  4. Failed: Instruct a class at the gym

Kris’ 2017 bucket list:

  1. Failed: Go to Disney World
  2. Failed:Provide more blog content
  3. FailedLearn to burp
  4. Failed: See a Medium
  5. Completed: Try Dom Perignon or Ace of Spades Champagne
  6. Completed: Learn a card trick
  7. Completed: Try a fish filet sandwich from McDonald’s
  8. Completed: Visit CIA headquarters in Langley, VA
  9. Completed: Visit the Big Chair Chess Club house in DC
  10. FailedLearn Jaime Foxx “Don’t Need it Dance” and teach my parents
  11. FailedBuy a t-shirt screen press and make my own shirts
  12. Completed: Meet CT Fletcher
  13. Completed: Attend the Arnold Classic
  14. Completed: Attempt to drink a full bottle of alcohol with Lyssa during the span of one day (see how far we can get)
  15. Completing: Incorporate Yoga and Pilates more in my workout regime
  16. FailedSpin a basketball on my finger
  17. Completed: Become a Make-a-Wish wish granter
  18. FailedAttend a storage auction
  19. FailedVisit the Outer Banks
  20. Completed: Go to the LBJ Memorial Grove in DC
  21. Completed: Watch ET
  22. Completed: Watch a show or a game at Madison Square Garden
  23. Completed: Be more decisive and transparent
  24. Completed: Visit Georgetown University
  25. Completed: Visit a state I’ve never been
  26. Completed: Try cryotherapy treatment
  27. Completed: Participate in the 100 push-up challenge
  28. Completed: Try a different local restaurant every month
  29. Failed: Visit a legal weed shop
  30. Completed: Buy a pair of Jordans
  31. FailedMake a sports bet in Las Vegas
  32. Completed: Drink a gallon of water a day for a week
  33. FailedPerform at the Hylton Performing Arts Center
  34. Completed: Stay at The Watergate Hotel
  35. Completed: Buy a cool set of contacts
  36. Completed: Play in a rec league, any sport
  37. FailedMake my moms greens and Mac and Cheese
  38. Completed: Give oatmeal a chance
  39. Completed: See an ear, nose, and throat specialist
  40. Completed: Do DDP yoga
  41. Completed: Transform from muscular to lean and flexible
  42. Completed: Go to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
  43. FailedHike Sharp Top Trail
  44. Completed: Donate to a different charity once a month
  45. Failed: Learn about social media jobs
  46. Completed: Carried Over 2016: Visit Pro Football Hall of Fame
  47. Completed: Carried Over 2016: Visit The Christmas Story house

Kris’ goals for Lyssa:

  1. Failed: Thank service staff
  2. Completed: Complete 20 push-ups in a row
  3. Failed: Smoke weed with her parents
  4. Failed: Get the Virginia tattoo she wants
  5. Failed: Thoroughly cleans her car once a month