Exercise over 200 miles

Goal#19 This was actually really easy. I thought 200 was a huge number and I would struggle to reach this.  Not the case at all.  I was beat this goal in April.  I'm currently a little under 700 miles for the year and that's without adding up exercises such as basketball games, pick up games … Continue reading Exercise over 200 miles


Fly a Kite in DC

Completed: 16. Successfully fly a kite with the Washington Monument in the background And of course I chose to fly a Green Bay kite... We woke up early and made our way to DC. Not a single person near the monument. It was perfectly windy and I got the kite up a few times. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Fly a Kite in DC

A Visit to WWE Headquarters!!

WWE Headquarters This is my Mecca. If you know anything about me you know my love for the WWE. It's far greater than my love for the packers. I fell in love when I was five and as the years go on my love grows stronger and stronger. I know it sounds like I'm talking … Continue reading A Visit to WWE Headquarters!!

Try Smelling Salts

The Hilarious Video! Ever since I was little I found myself curious about smelling salts. I used to think they were a "mystical" powder that could bring people back from the dead. So at the beginning of the year I decided I wanted this to be a goal. This embarrassing yet hilarious video shows my … Continue reading Try Smelling Salts

Travel on the entire DC metro rail system in one day

Completed: 17. Travel on the entire DC metro rail system in one day Here is a summary of my internal dialogue during this journey. Hour 1: "This is so exciting. I love life." Hour 2: "Wow, that went by quickly. Look at the Potomac. How beautiful. What a great experience this is going to be." Hour 3: "Hmm... I … Continue reading Travel on the entire DC metro rail system in one day

My Metro Trek

Update on goal #17: Travel on the entire DC metro rail system in one day On any given work day, I drive to the metro taking the same roads, park my car in the same spot in the parking garage, accept a metro paper, and sit down in my favorite comfy nook of my metro … Continue reading My Metro Trek