Drink an Egg

Completed: 22. Dring an Egg

I apologize about this blog — the video Lyssa filmed of me drinking the egg was accidentally deleted.

You know that scene from Rocky where he wakes up to train and drinks five eggs beforehand? That’s what inspired me to do this. Thank you, Rocky. Here’s that video at least.

The good news is that I really love eggs, but I prefer my eggs cooked, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my quest to become a cheesy movie fitness stereotype.

A little egg-related back story on me to show you how far I’ve come. When I was little I actually hated egg yolk. When my parents made eggs, they had to make a special batch for me because I wouldn’t eat regular scrambled eggs. What an annoying little ass I was! Eventually I began to like the yolk and so I started to eat eggs more frequently.

Back to chugging a raw egg, I cracked the egg and just stared at it. I looked away and thought, “no matter what happens, just don’t throw up.” After about a minute stare-down, I swallowed the egg. Not much of a taste to it, but the consistency is gag worthy. After I drank the egg, I felt like it was stuck in my throat for an hour. So what did I do to wash it down? I cooked some eggs whites and ate those.

– Kris


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