Take Dance Classes

Completed: 22. Take Dance Classes

I found a dance studio that offers a variety of classes for adults, which is actually pretty difficult to find. Most dance classes are either for serious dancers or geared toward children. Born 2 Dance studio came through for me! Plus, and this is the best part, they have mini summer sessions [read: inexpensive and less of a commitment] in all types of dancing styles — bachata, belly dancing, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.

Because I’m not good at dancing or coordination, I wanted to slowly build myself up to the more gyration-heavy dancing. I thought to myself, “maybe I’ll start with ballet, then move to jazz, then ultimately when I’m at my very bravest, hip-hop.”

Because the world is cruel, the one class offered during the only time my schedule was WIIIIDDDDDE open was the hip-hop class.

Me. Hip-hop dancing. Let that mental image marinate in your brain.

Anyway, I signed up for the three-session-lesson.

When leaving to go to my first class, I had some legitimate anxiety. My anxiety was quelled when I entered the class and the nice teacher loosened us up. During each of the hour, sessions she teaches us a choreographed routine. A routine I might break out when Kris and I complete our goal of going to a club.

Just kidding. That would be so embarrassing.

My first class was fun, but emotionally and visually painful (why are the mirrors so big in dance studios?).

After my second class, I debuted my routine to Kris, who filmed it.

Yes, I required alcohol to perform this and yes, I forgot nearly all of my routine only hours after the class, and yes, that is me with a lighter at the end to symbolize the FIRE I JUST DROPPED in the form of my amazing dance moves.

– Lyssa


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