Go to a Club

Completed: Lyssa’s 19, Kris’ 30, Go to a Club

Another unintentional joint goal, we really wanted to complete this goal in Las Vegas, but we were tired and the fee was too much for us to swallow. 

We both started to sour on this goal. Mainly because we’d have to stay out late, pay money, be around sweaty people, and deal with deafening music.

We sat on it for a while, but an opportunity came up that we couldn’t pass up and one we could count toward goal completion.

There are these dance parties called silent discos. Every participant gets headphones (or uses their own) and dances. It normally happens outside. Think flash mob without the coordination or music. See our Facebook page for videos.

The one we attended was at the Hard Rock, which is far from a “club,” but there were DJs and dancing. Actually, there were three DJs. That’s what made this even more fun. Your headphones connect to each DJ’s feed. You can switch to whichever type of music you’re feeling. 



  • When you take your headphones off, you can actually hear people talking and your convo isn’t drowned out by loud music
  • Nice for people looking to go to a club and dance by themselves 
  • Conversation starter
  • You get to choose your volume 
  • Taking your headphones off and only hearing glasses clink and the dance floor shuffling was so funny
  • We passed a traditional club on our way to our car. We saw long lines, bouncers, shivering girls wearing uncomfortable heels and super short club dresses, and slime ball guys. Made us happy to have gone the silent disco route. 


  • If you go with someone you know, you can’t hear the music and chat at the same time. We tried to keep our headphones on to enjoy the music so we texted each other to communicate. 

– Lyssa and Kris



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