Go on a West Wing Tour (Carried Over from 2011-2014

Completed: 27. Go on a West Wing Tour (Carried Over from 2011-2014

Swim with dolphins, go to the top of the Washington Monument, and take a West Wing tour — my longest-held bucket list items. Two of which I knocked out last year.

Thanks to a good friend, I was finally able to tour the West Wing. IT WAS AMAZING.

I’m not bragging when I say the following, I’m just trying to point out the elusiveness of the West Wing, but neither Kris nor I are strangers to the White House. Between the two of us, we’ve been on an official East Wing tour, watched fireworks on the Fourth of July from the lawn a few times, attended the Easter Egg roll, and even played on the White House basketball court. However, the West Wing has managed to escape us for years. It was our unicorn.

Not anymore!

lyssa west wing tour
The face of someone who is completely starstruck after seeing the Oval Office.

There are so many interesting facts about the building and artifacts to see, but the most amazing part of the tour was seeing the Oval Office. I was starstruck. Yes, starstruck over a room.

I felt so overwhelmed by its significance. So much history. So many important people. And like the good journalist, I even sniffed the room. It has a sweet scent to it.

The Whites at the White House
“Okay, act like you’ve been here before. Keep it together.”

(If you haven’t noticed, were weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the building, so our photos are fairly limited.)

We moved through the rooms accessible to us lowly plebs at a good pace. We saw the West Colonnade, the Cabinet Room, the lobby, the Oval Office, the Press Briefing Room, and the Roosevelt Room.

Even my dull, lifeless hair (getting a cut this week), didn’t prevent me from enjoying this amazing moment near the press room podium.

In the White House press room
Lyssa in White House Press Briefing Room

I’d like to express my gratitude to our friends who have been so great over the past few years helping us complete our bucket list. In this particular instance, it literally started out in a text conversation with my connected friend that went like this, “why haven’t you gone to the West Wing?” To which I said, “I’ve never had the opportunity.” He was all like, “I know someone who might be able to get us a tour.” He coordinated it all, confirmed it was happening, and that was that.

A round of applause for Jason for helping me complete one of my longest-held (if not THE longest-held) goals. Plus, behold our group picture in which Kris and I inadvertently pulled a Beyonce-during-Destiny’s-Child-era level of upstaging.


– Lyssa

Edit: In an attempt to help those who are also interested in touring the West Wing, I went on whitehouse.gov to find information for you so you can schedule your own tour or get on some type of waiting list. However, this is what they have to say, no joke: 

“Sadly, this tour is reserved for only the most deserving of citizens. For those of you who do not qualify to tour the West Wing, you can at least view the photos below!”



9 thoughts on “Go on a West Wing Tour (Carried Over from 2011-2014

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