Teach Lyssa’s Mom the DC Metro Rail

Completed: 10.  Teach Lyssa’s Mom the DC Metro Rail

Lyssa’s mom is scared to ride the metro by herself, not because it’s unsafe, but because she panics about getting lost. She gets overwhelmed by navigating places and it has held her back in regards to traveling.

I knew Lyssa’s mom, Rosemari, was going to be anxious about this whole thing, so this wasn’t going to be easy. The first thing I did was show her a map of the metro system. I didn’t say anything at all, I just wanted her to see it. About five minutes after showing her the map, I started to explain every stop you change lines, I explained them as “mega stops.”


Next, we talked navigation. Her biggest problem going into this was that she didn’t understand how the directions of the trains worked. I explained to her that on each line, there are two end points. The trains run to either of these end points. Depending on which stop you’re trying to get to, you have to look at the train’s end point.

The true test will be when (if) she travels on the metro by herself, but Lyssa and I gave her a few hypothetical situations for her to navigate and she was able to answer each one. Before our session, she wouldn’t have been able to answer these questions. She even saved the metro image onto her iPad and seemed to be much more comfortable. I call that a success.

Maybe one of these days she’ll travel the entire rail system like Lyssa did in 2013. 😜



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