Visit the National Cathedral

Completed: 38. Visit the National Cathedral (it’s back up-and-running now!)


Last year, when I added this to my bucket list, I thought I had never visited this church (or so I thought), which struck me as weird given I absolutely absolutely love seeing huge structures like this.

One Saturday, Lyssa and I decided to drive to the cathedral and finally check it out. As we started driving closer, I realized the area looked very familiar. A little closer and I realized I actually had been on the grounds of the National Cathedral for an event I worked, but I never did go into the building.


The cathedral, which I thought was Catholic (it’s not – it holds Episcopalian ceremonies) is astonishing. I grew up going to small churches, so I couldn’t help but think about how much money it cost to build. And now it needs additional funds to help fix damage after the earthquake a few years ago. Instead of such an elaborate and intricate church, why not just donate that money to the poor? I find it really weird.

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Aside from that observation, I loved our trip. Lyssa and I walked around the entire building and took the elevator up to the top to check out the views. It was such a relief to visit on that particular day because it was hot as hell (see what I did there?).

Check it out for yourself if you’re ever in DC.

– Kris


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