Make a Custom Bobblehead of Myself

Completed 2. Make a Custom Bobblehead of Myself

Earlier this year, a buddy tipped me off to a Groupon deal that offered a bobblehead creation service. The groupon was to create a single, custom head-to-toe bobble head with for $69.

The process started with me sending the company three head shots. Halfway through, they sent me a rough version of the head. Thank goodness for the first round because mine was hilarious and far off from reality. I wrote back and asked them to make my nose wider, my ears smaller, my top lip bigger, my smile wider, and my jaw less pronounced. The whole entire process took about a month.

Kris gets a custom bobblehead with

Outfitted in a dressy shirt, tie, vest, and some jeans, my bobblehead isn’t far off from reality (except for the Raisinet cartoon skin color).
Kris gets a custom bobblehead with Have you noticed my bobblehead’s Aaron Rodgers championship belt pose?


Oh yeah!

It makes me laugh every time I see it, which is why I’m even more glad I added this goal to the 2015 list.

– Kris


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