Go Fishing

Completed #9: Go Fishing

Between this goal and completing my goal of milking a cow this year, I think I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.

I couldn’t have completed this goal without my father-in-law, experienced fisher and Morgan Freeman look-a-like. He took us to a nearby body of water. Aside from the three of us, there was one other person fishing. Our location was shaded, close to a dam, and pretty much perfect.


Once we settled, I got my lesson. They didn’t teach us these skills in girls scouts, so all of this was new to me.


After that, I was ready to put the live bait on the hook and get started. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to touch the live worms with my hands, so I struggled, but eventually managed to get the worm on the hook with the help of a knife.


The first two times I cast my line, I got a bite, but the fish escaped. That second fish was really large and my father-in-law had to help me pull the line. It ended up biting off the hook, but I was relieved. I was afraid to see the monster — or potential human head — on the other side.

I ended up catching and releasing three fish. As you can imagine since I was squeamish about the worm, I was also uncomfortable touching the fish, so I needed assistance removing the hooks from the fish’s mouth. I don’t like to see the life of something struggle or end, so hunting and fishing is just not for me.
IMG_2489 In total, my father-in-law caught four fish, I caught three, and Kris caught one (but no one actually saw it happen, so we’re skeptical).

It was a great trip. The best tip from my father-in-law was one his grandfather (and I believe his uncle) employed — spit on the hook for good luck before casting your line.


Kris looks happy, but is really disappointed because he is a loser who only caught one fish.


We packed up, made our way back to my in-law’s house and ended our trip with some cold brews. As God intended.


I’m so grateful to have so many people in our lives so willing to help us complete our goals. We couldn’t do it without you and this time, it meant even more because I got to spend quality time with Kris and his dad.

– Lyssa


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