Brew Beer

Completed: Lyssa’s 13. and Kris’ 33. Brew Beer

We both added “brew beer” to our 2015 list. Happy it turned out this way because it would have been difficult dirinh some parts of the process had we tackled this solo.

Neither of us are beer drinkers, so we weren’t hung up on the type of beer. We picked up a Brooklyn Brew Shop “Every Day IPA” from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and went from there.

The gist:

  • boil grains with water
  • strain for wort (grain juice)
  • boil wort with hops
  • add yeast
  • fermentation for two weeks
  • bottle wait another two weeks

The most difficult aspect was the siphoning into the bottle. It took us at least five tries and spilling it everywhere to get it right. We had to quickly remove the dogs from the kitchen fearing they’d get drunk from spills. 

We did it though! We have a newfound appreciation for the beer process, but hell if we’re ever doing s again. It takes so much work, precision, cleanliness, and it’s so tedious. 

Thoughts on he flavor of our brew:

  • hoppy
  • bitter
  • happy to not die as a result from accidentally doing something incorrect during the process

– Kris and Lyssa


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